Lee Roy Parnell

Lee Roy Parnell

This is an excellent video instructional. That said, I think I liked it mostly because of the laid-back easy style of Lee Roy. This video has a couple of performances of Lee Roy and his band, with a guest perfromance from Arlen Roth, who is no slouch on the slide guitar either.

It covers some of the basics, like which tuning to choose and some of the rational for them. Lee Roy plays both electric and acoustic guitars. He uses a Fender strat and an old National Steel as well.

After tuning, he get into the basic scales and licks of the masters like Robert Johnson, only after a discussion of slide selection and some finger techniques and how to damp, etc.

I particularly like his intro to some country type licks and turn-arounds and his rendition of an old classic country/pop song called “Sleepwalk”

The Art of Slide Guitar features:

Lee Roy teaches, fingerpicking techniques, string dampening, pentatonic scales for slide, slide vibrato, emulated the Harmonica““ and controlling the slide.

Lee Roy also performs and teaches the guitar parts““ to his Hit songs: “On the Road,” “I’m Holding My Own”““ & “No Milk Cow Blues” along with other influential slide guitar““ parts: “Statesboro Blues,” & licks from““ “Dixie Chicken.”

Lee Roy is joined by his band The Hot Links.(105““ min.) I would say this is an beginner to intermediate player instructional video.