It’s Denny Tryon here and I have been playing guitar for over twenty five years, and have gravitated towards playing slide style most of the time. It is my hope that you will find this website helpful and inspirational.

Playing slide style guitar is great fun, and opens up a new world of sound and tones that you cannot get with fingers only approach.  There is no end to the different types of slides and materials you can use to make slides.  Articles will include how to make your own slides, how to play in various tunings, etc. I invite all suggestions and opinions as well.  I will be starting a forum as well.

The sky is the limit with some of the newer techniques being developed with players like Sonny Landreth. His “fretting behind the slide” approach allows new chords and voicings unheard before. Another great young player is Derek Trucks, who is taking slide guitar playing  to new dimensions, including jazz and world music. Here again I hope to hear from you all, so you can share your favorites with us.

If you already play slide, then I hope this will provide some new ideas.  If you are just starting then you will find lots of great players to learn from. Perhaps you have struggled over whether to play in one of the various “open” tunings or in the so called “standard” tuning.  My take on this, is that you should play whatever sounds good to you.  I have reviewed serveral great instructional videos, and some address playing in standard as well as many other tunings. These all are just starting points for you.

Peace and keep on slidin’


  Hope you find this slide guitar site interesting and 

hopefully you will comment and tell us about yourself and post some

videos and links of yourself and or other fellow slide and bottleneck